At every McQuire seminar, expect
nothing less than a high-quality learning
experience that produces real results
and lifetime skills you’ll use over and
over again. Choose from 60+ seminars
and technical training course offerings
that are the most diverse you’ll find


We, at McQuire Rens Consulting, offer an exciting range of Corporate Training Programme that enhance “people value”, instill the “learning culture” and encourage global thinking. We do this by continually advancing the development of people for the benefit of the individual, employee and the organization at large.


McQuire is well geared to offer consultancy services such as, Corporate Planning, Business Strategy Planning, Building HR Platforms, Corporate Re – Structuring & Reporting and Balanced Scorecard Implementation


McQuire’s Mystery Customer Survey will be based on Observations where simple factual observation of points of sale or services will be investigated. Mystery shopping involves the use of mystery shoppers who are trained and/ or briefed to experience and measure any customer service process by acting as a pro undertaking a series of pre-determined tasks to assess performance against specific criteria. The final compilation will be presented in the form of a report with recommendations for action planning and implementation.


Why do we work here? Is it the work we do or the people with whom we share responsibilities? Why do we stay? Is it the compensation, the climate or the organization leadership? Employee Opinion Survey allows an organization to understand employee perceptions. Perception is reality; because employees at every organization act on the basis of their perceptions, management must be keenly aware of employees’ views. McQuire employee opinion surveys deliver a successful means of measuring and acting upon, employees’ current beliefs on many job – related subjects.