McQuire takes the initiative to decide on
the most relevant training programme
that best suits your Organization. Our
team of dedicated On-Site Training
individuals embarks on a journey to
identify and give solutions to the ‘Gaps’
that affects the smooth running of your
We, at McQuire, offer an exciting range of Corporate Training Programmes that enhance ‘people value’, instill the ‘learning culture’ and encourage global thinking. We do this by continually advancing the development of people for the benefit of the individual, employee and the organization at large.

We are also geared to conduct a pre & post training tracking system to enable you to understand the current strengths and weaknesses of the target audience and the change experienced by the same audience due to the training.

The company is proud to have a team of very experienced, industry – backed, practicing Managers as Resource Persons from whom expertise is drawn depending upon the type of training requested.

We develop curricula & carry out customized training programmes for all levels of staff in your organization including;

  • Top Management level
  • Management level
  • Executive level
  • Supervisory level

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McQuire Rens Global Consulting

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